There are many routes on the journey of natural healing and living a natural lifestyle.

This is what you can expect with ALUNA ...

Botanical Garden

Lifestyle Counseling

Our daily routines and habits can make or break our health. Small changes can have huge impacts on the way we feel and the outcome of our health.  This area takes into account circadian rhythms and sleeping patterns, points out unhealthy vices or habits, considers interpersonal relationships and careers, and implements new and improved ways to live a purely healthy, happy life.

Wild Berries

Botanical Medicine

Nature has provided us with an abundance of healing properties found in plants. Botanical medicine is quite powerful and comes in many forms: liquid extracts, powdered supplements, teas, and spices. After listening to your whole health picture, I choose the best healing herbs that will support your healing journey.

Basket of Organic Vegetables

Nutritional Counseling


"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food" - once said [supposedly] by the father of medicine, Hippocrates. This statement holds true! And this is because what you eat literally becomes YOU once it is taken up by your cells. The "perfect diet" is highly individualized and depends on many factors. Based on your symptoms, condition(s), and/or diagnoses, I will help guide you towards the optimal diet that will get your body feeling great. 

Aerial View of Baking Ingredients

Food Sensitivity Evaluations

Food sensitivities often go unnoticed as symptoms are not always very obvious. We all have a response to certain foods which may cause inflammation or increase vague symptoms (like fatigue, headaches, nasal congestion, or skin issues just to name a few). I use various tests, evaluations, and special diets to determine your sensitivities when necessary and implement this in your dietary/nutritional planning.

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules



Homeopathy is a gentle yet powerful medicine in its ability to bring the body and mind back to a healthy state. It is a medicine that is poorly understood because it works on the energetic level which is difficult to study. It has been used for centuries and is widely accepted in Europe and India where it is often used by doctors as a primary healing modality.

A homeopathic intake is very detailed and typically takes more time than a regular office visit. Because of this I often do separate appointments for homeopathic intakes only.



Finding time to relax is important for healing and your doctor's visit should be as such. I like to allot a portion of every visit for bodywork. Massage-only visits are also available. The bodywork I use includes Swedish massage, deep tissue, energetics, and visceral manipulation.



Stress management is huge. We often don't realize how stressed we truly are in this day and age, especially in a society where perfection is the accepted standard (yet impossible to reach). While stress obviously has a large effect on our quality of life, it also has a huge impact on our physical bodies. I use several methods in-office and additionally guide you into implementing stress-management tools into your everyday life.



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Swimming Pool

Hydrotherapy... coming in the future.

The history of naturopathic medicine began with hydrotherapy as one of the very core modalities. Great for improving circulation, detoxification, immune function, and overall vitality, this therapy is for everyone. There are different types of hydrotherapy, some simple enough to do at home. Others require the help of a practitioner [and your relaxation].