"Aluna" is the the source of vitality of all nature and beings. It is the intelligence that created life and the consciousness that connects human beings with the earth. It is a realm in which the spirit exists and provides nurture, healing, guidance, and answers. This concept is the very center of the spiritual and practical belief system of the Kogi tribe of northern Colombia.

The Kogi are descendants of the ancient Pre-Colombian people, the Taironas. They are the indigenous people of the Sierra Nevada mountains of northern Colombia who went untouched even during the times of the Spanish Conquest.

After graduating naturopathic medical school, Dr. Deanna traveled to Colombia to get in touch with her family's roots on her mother's side. While there, she had the opportunity to learn more about the indigenous tribes that she had always had a keen appreciation for. This is when the word "aluna" presented itself to her and clicked as the meaning of true healing for both humanity and the earth.


Aluna Natural Medicine is devoted to connecting you back to the healing powers of nature so that you can live your most genuinely healthy and happy life.